Library Day In The Life (Fuzzy-Headed Edition)

I don’t think God wants me to participate in the Library Day In The Life project.  Last time, I had the day off, and this time, I was fuzzy-headed and sick the whole day.  However, I still tweeted some notes throughout the day and this post is my attempt to organize and flush out my day’s activities.

My three year old daughter work up earlier than my alarm, as usual, so I was up earlier than intended, only to discover my stuffy-head that had kept me up half the night had led to a sore throat and wiped out all of my energy.  I decided I wasn’t too sick to go to work, so I got ready, got my daughter ready, dropped her at daycare and headed to the branch.

I arrived to find my branch manger was out sick, and since I’m the number two person, it came down to me to submit payroll.  Getting paid is always nice.

Got a nice email inviting me to participate in a TOP SEEKRIT work project, where knowing Drupal could be an asset. And that’s my cue to research Drupal on and off throughout the rest of the day.

Checked with my staff to be sure we had volunteers coming to man the Summer Reading Program table during out final two SRP events – a magician and a storyteller.

Did an hour on the Help Desk, where I signed up a few folks for library cards and discovered that we only had one Beverly Cleary book on the shelf (Summer Reading + RAMONA & BEEZUS movie = dearth of Cleary books on the shelves).

Weeded superceded copies of books, like GED study guides, travel guides, etc., including deleting the item record from the catalog.  I informed a local blogger about our online book sale, which is where all of these deleted items end up.

Another hour on the Help Desk. Signed up some more folks for library cards, assisted a woman in setting up the wireless printer driver so she could print from her laptop, and discovered that we have more material on beekeeping than I thought (for some reason, I was tickled by the LC Subject Heading: “Bee culture”).

Worked on staff schedules, projecting out through September.

Another hour on the desk, this time spent most of it shelving a bajillion customer holds.

Last hour at the branch I spent preparing for a few upcoming meetings.  I am on my library system’s Ethics Team, which is meeting this week, so I went over the agenda and made a few notes.  Also did some initial preparations for the TOP SEEKRIT project.  And then I have a presentation I’m giving next month relating to Twitter / Facebook / Foursquare initiatives that I wrote a little on.

So, even though I was fuzzy-headed the whole day, I still managed to get some stuff accomplished, and this day was a pretty good representation of what I do each and every day.


One response to “Library Day In The Life (Fuzzy-Headed Edition)

  1. Daniel J. De Kok Sr. March 14, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Bee Culture sounds like a talk show sketch for Saturday Night Live (c. 1970’s)

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