An Unquiet Birthday

Visitor Pass

Yesterday, on my 38th birthday, I drove more than an hour to meet Buffy Hamilton at the Unquiet Library, the aptly-named media center at Creekview High School in Cherokee County, GA.

The occasion of my visit was an open house for the public (though media specialists and librarians were the folks who showed up) to come see and hear the things she and her staff have accomplished.  Buffy aptly describes their great work regularly on her blog so I won’t go into that too  much here, but I have to say that meeting her in person was very inspirational for me.  She’s doing outstanding work there and is clearly overflowing with ideas about improving her learning and teaching skills.  Her infectious energy reflects her dedication to her students and her craft, and her ideas are applicable across the spectrum of librarianship, from media specialists to public to academic. I look forward to brainstorming and collaborating with her in the future.

Unquiet Library

It wasn’t the best birthday present I got (my four year old daughter got me Star Wars LEGOs for us to play with together), but it was a mighty fine one and one that I’ll cherish as I contemplate future professional projects.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Buffy, do not pass it up!


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